Leveled Readers Level D

"Multi-sensory Interactive Children's Electronic Books" (MICEBooks) are leveled readers following the formulas devised by Fountas and Pinnell. Interactive versions of these books

can be found at https://mrnussbaum.com/leveled-micebooks.

The interactive versions have text-to-speech capabilities for single words and highlighting of words as they are spoken for full pages.

They also contain a video for the book, spelling, sight word, and rhyming games for each book's vocabulary and a comprehension quiz.

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Here are Lee and Dee. Lee is the boy. Dee is the girl. Lee and Dee love to paint.

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One day, Father gave them paint. He said “Paint the gate, please.” Lee and Dee love To paint.

They have red and green paint.


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Lee said, “Want re Dee said, “I love red Lee said, “OK, red is for you. Green is for me."

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Lee and Dee ran to the gate. Dee painted with red paint. Lee painted with green paint. Lee and Dee love to paint.

Dee 5 heeled: at the gute, She said, “I love red gates." Lee looked at the gate. He said, “Red looks good.”

Lee said, “Look at the gate!” Dee looked at the gate.

She said, Green looks good, too. Lee and Dee are so happy.

Lee and Dee go in the house. The green paint falls on the floor. Lee cleans the paint.

Dee gets water to help clean.

Dee got green and yellow paint. She got red and blue, too.

She painted stripes on the wall. She said, ‘I love to paint."

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Lee and Dee love fo paint. They put paint on their hands. What will they do? What will they paint?

They put paint on the wall. Lee put on green and yellow. Dee put on blue and red. This is not good.

Father came in. He was not happy. He said, “Paint the wall white."

Lee and Dee did.

Lee painted the hands. He painted the green and yellow hands. He painted the blue and red hands. Soon, the wall will be white.

Dee painted the stripes on the wall. She painted the green and yellow stripes. She painted the blue and red stripes. Soon, the wall will be white.

Mother came in.

She was not happy.

She said, “No cake for you.” Lee and Dee are not happy.